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Re: cctbx debian package

On Sat, 14. Jul 14:10, Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca wrote:
> > OK I think I know what the problem is. This cctbx examples in clipper depend on
> > cctbx. So we have a clipper depend on cctbx and cctbx depend on clipper
> > situation. If I add this directory in clipper the build will fail. I see if I can workaround
> > this issue in cctbx so we don't need to modify clipper. I'll get back to you then.
> one more problem to fixe: this circular dependency should be broken.
> you need to work with both upstream to understand which one should be fixed.
> Let's discuss with the clipper usptream and understand where he put's his sources and why this cctbx dependency ?
But I think I solved it! I just needed to include the directory in cctbx with that
examples. It's now building with system libs for clipper and boost. I think this
is the best solution. Now I'll see if I can work on the annlib problems.

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