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Re: RE : Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing

> No, the main point is to work in collaboration with the upstream, understand their choices even if you do not agreed with their choices, and at the end, they need to thrust us when we propose patches which will (at the end) enlarge the community of their users.
> it can take a long time but it is always rewarding to see a package integrated in the main archive.
> so use their build system, send patches with did not change their defaults. that way they will understand that we try to build cctbx with them an not against them :)
You are absolutely right and I'll keep that in mind :)!
> As I understand we will have to provide a --use-system-library option to avoid compiling thoses boos_python etc... bundeled libraries.
> and also to integrate a few of their patches in the other upstream libraries like libcbf ...
Good idea! I'll put it on the TODO list.

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