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Re: RFS: ngspice_24-1 (amd64)

Hi Sylvestre

Thanks a lot for the upload.


> Looking at the README.Debian file, if ngspice is "just" under non-free

> because of the non-free document, moving the documentation into a

> dedicated package could

> be a solution (instead of merging it).


You are right, I will make ngspice-doc a special package. I have gone through the licenses of the files in the program, there is a variety of them. I removed a few files with unsuitable licenses but there are still at least two files I have to remove because they are not DFSG. Making the new copyright file took a long time.

I don't have time to work on it now but I will try to make it DFSG in the autumn or at least before next ngspice release.





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