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Code_Aster Debian: use of overloading feature in astk?


I would like to know if someone has already tried the "overloading" feature of astk to implement own developments in Code_Aster debian?

I would like to, and I understand that this feature allows the user to test his own modifications brought to the code without having to recompile everything. Only the modified section of the code is recompiled.

For this to work, I understand that sources need to be copied in the adequate folder.
Basically, it works on a computer where code_aster has been compiled, and that sources are still here, with the compilers available and compiler optionsstill in the aster configuration file...

My question is then: would this work with a Code_Aster debian package?
I mean, only binaries are install with apt-get install code-aster, right?
Should another package be installed as well to use this feature?

I thanck you in advance for any feedbacks,



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