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Re: [OT - or may be not] The case for open computer programs

Le mardi 29 mai, Yaroslav Halchenko a écrit: 
> Moreover, we all know, that even providing usable binaries accompanied
> by FOSS code, without formalized build procedures and clearly
> specified dependencies would complicate any extension of the code,
> thus often significantly reducing the benefit of having that code
> under FOSS license to begin with.   As the result, mandating "open
> code" to accompany research papers would be of limited practical
> importance to the science due to difficulty of its adoption and
> extension.

I can't lay my hand on it at the moment, but I'm pretty sure the FSF
has some definition of "source code" which means the code as used by
the developers (not some precompiled form like a "gcc -E" or "gcc -S"),
with the files necessary to build.

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