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Re: Debian at GSI

Hi Christopher,

> We recently put on a 10 000 core compute cluster and 1.5 PB Lustre
> storage with Infiniband-only networking running Debian Squeeze and managed by GridEngine - on top of our existing ~ 5000 CPU core cluster with more than 2 PB Lustre storage.

Can you only imagine how important this information is for all people (like us) pushing for debian ?

We spent a year googling and grabbing information ... especially for you HPC cluster upgrade.
Lustre and GPFS have finally been discarded recently (for price reason I think) leaving plain good old NFS and opening the door to debian. Having such evidence of 2PB lustre storage would have been an key element !

> Our accelerator controls unfortunately moves from VMS to Red Hat for
> the shiny care-less all-inclusive support - but at least it's Linux ...

Funny: here accelerator control moved first from RH to debian :)

Jérôme Kieffer
Data analysis unit - ESRF

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