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Re: Sage 5.0 in debian : an incomplete (but beautiful?) overview

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:18:55PM +0200, Julien Puydt wrote:
> I would like to see sage (http://www.sagemath) in debian ; which is a
> nice but difficult goal. Some on that list might not know much about
> it, so I'll start with generalities to get a clear big picture.
> [..]
> I would like to hear as many "But I work on $(this), it's almost ready!"
> as possible in answer to that mail. "Please help on $(this)!" is ok too,
> I guess ;-)

Hi Julien.

i've tried this with sage-4.7.2. i remember the following:
- Bernhard sent me a ratpoints-2.1.3 draft
- extended/switched mpfr, mpfi, givaro, lcalc (more?) to support mpir (locally)
- moved flint package to 1.5.2 (locally)
- moved givaro to 3.6.0 (not pushed yet)
- packaged mpir (debian-science git)
- packaged sagenb, sage-scripts (locally)
- polybori 0.8.0 (pushed to debian-science git, working but incomplete)
- singular is half way done (debian-science git)
- liblcalc-dev 0.0.20090723-1 (draft, locally)

Please help on any of these :D

also i've patched the sage setup.py, module_list.py to "work" on debian,
resulting in libcsage and python-sage packages. i've just moved to 5.0,
doesn't compile (missing m4rie.h). i'm aiming at a proof-of-concept, for
that matter, m4rie might be the next thing i'll do... 


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