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Re: Bug#672480: ITP: prooftree -- proof tree visualization for Proof General


On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 09:26:35AM +0200, Hendrik Tews wrote:
> Andreas Tille writes:
>    this seems like a perfect target for Debian Science.  Would you consider
>    team maintenance.
> I definitely need a sponsor for the prooftree package. I would
> first try with the OCaml task force, because prooftree is written
> in OCaml and I have a few other packages that are sponsored
> there.

No problem if the package is maintained in OCaml packaging team and you
might find a sponsor there.  However, it is not only about the packaging
of some piece of software it is making users aware of it and making sure
all those single packages are fitting into the whole system nicely.  For
instance you might like to have a look at


and tell us, in what task your package might fit best.

Kind regards



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