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mpir package and sage

Hi list.

sage has a lot of dependencies, which are not packaged yet. Ive packaged
as many as i needed to compile packages out of sagelib[1]. some of them
are just newer upstream releases merged, but then sage uses mpir instead
of gmp.

mpir [2] is a gmp [3] (Multiprecision arithmetic library) fork that is
claimed to be faster and more liberal than gmp. i'm not a sage expert,
but my impression is, that sage on debian (in case this ever exists)
will depend or should depend on mpir.

other packages, first of all singular would need to be linked against
mpir. some libraries (mpfr, mpfi...) would need a diversion linked
against mpir... 

to make a long story short: i'd like to ask if its okay to push an mpir
(2.3.0 for now) package to git although its neither complete or might
not be of any use after all. there seems to be no previous mpir package


[1] http://github.com/sagemath/sagelib
[2] http://www.mpir.org
[3] http://gmplib.org/

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