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Re: Debian singular packages team

* Felix Salfelder <felix@salfelder.org> [120224 10:05]:
> $ python -c'from sage import all'
> // ***dError: Bug reported: Could not get expanded executable from
> // libsingular.so
>  occured at feResource.cc,443
>   occured at:
>   value:
>   feInitResource: entering for BinDir
>   feInitResource: entering for Singular
>   feGetExpandedExecutable: calling find_exec with =libsingular.so=
>   feGetExpandedExecutable: find_exec exited with ==-1

It looks that the first two path resources are handled special:
  {"Singular",  'S',    feResBinary,"SINGULAR_EXECUTABLE", "%b/Singular",(char *)""},
  {"BinDir",    'b',    feResDir,   "SINGULAR_BIN_DIR",     "%d/bin", (char *)""},

While they have a format value, that seems to not be used, but 'S' is
calculated by argv0 looked for in the PATH and 'b' is 'S' without the
last component. As sage uses the library and that is not in the path,
it fails.

I guess a quick hack would be to simply set the value part (the (char*)"")
to the value we know it has in Debian to get rid of this.

        Bernhard R. Link

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