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Re: Bug#602126: Multi-distribution package in preparation

if it would be of any help -- you might like to have a look at the set
of helper scripts we have for NeuroDebian, where we build binary
packages across all Debian (unlike Canonical's PPAs) and Ubuntu
releases.  Here is a brief sketch write-up on how to use them:


backport-dsc helper script allows for a release-specific patching if

> > Due to the diversity of configurations available in our scientific
> > network (http://etsf.eu/), we have decided to prepare all our packages
> > for different Debian-based distributions at once:

> >   * Debian Squeeze
> >   * Debian Wheezy
> >   * Ubuntu Lucid Lynx
> >   * Ubuntu Precise Pangolin
> >   * Mint 13

> > I'm currently preparing helper scripts to facilitate the task and will
> > be in touch with the respective packager teams.

> > We expect to have some packages ready this Summer.
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