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Re: Bug#656203: ITP: libqsi -- Quantum Scientific Imaging Library

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 04:51:44PM +0300, Jasem Mutlaq wrote:
> Sorry I missed that, first time filling an ITP request!

No problem, just send a mail to the bug e-mail adding this information.

> I have several
> packages suitable for Debian Science. All are related to INDI Library
> (www.indilib.org) which KStars and other clients utilize to control
> astronomical instrumentation.

Sounds good.  Do you have an Alioth login and are you member of the
Debian Science team (might be currently not possible to check add
because host vasks.debian.org is down)?

Kind regards


PS: No need to CC me - I'm subscribed to the list.

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