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RFP: CDE -- wrap your research project to share with any other Linux user

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to spread some information about this cute project:  I see
utility for it in many respects especially to tackle aspects of
reproducible research, so I thought to mention it to you so may be
someone would get interested to ITP my RFP [1] (unfortunately my plate is
too full atm). So here comes CDE:


 CDEpack (Code, Data, and Environment packaging) is a tool that
 automatically packages up everything required to execute a Linux command on
 another computer without any installation or configuration. A command can range
 from something as simple as a command-line utility to a sophisticated GUI
 application with 3D graphics. The only requirement is that the other computer
 have the same hardware architecture (e.g., x86) and major kernel version (e.g.,
 2.6.X) as yours. CDEpack allows you to easily run programs without the
 dependency hell that inevitably occurs when attempting to install software or
 Typical use cases:
     1. Quickly share prototype software
     2. Try out software in non-native environments
     3. Perform reproducible research
     4. Instantly deploy applications to cluster or cloud computing
     5. Submit executable bug reports
     6. Package class programming assignments
     7. Easily collaborate on coding projects 

 Core components are patched strace and readelf (binutils).
 Upstream VCS: https://github.com/pgbovine/CDE

Upstream author (CCed) is very responsive and project is alive/leaping forward.
By complementing Debian with CDE we could make it even better fit for research,
where instead of asking a collaborator/reviewer/etc install a complete Debian
system, necessary materials could be bundled up to be ran on any available


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=610711

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