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request of sponsorship

Sorry maybe I haven't done the right thing yesterday, I wrote this email
but I'm not sure someone received, now I subscribed to debinan-science
and should be OK:
Hi everybody
I've just upload a package to mentor.debian, nautic-1.2, is a program
that compute the observer position as used in Astronomic Navigation
before the coming of GPS system, it computes various data of 56 stars
and major solar system objects like those of the official Nautical
Almanac ephemeris and can be used with no significant error up to 30
years backward or forward actual date.
It also compute the local meridian hour in relation of UT time.
Is build in C/C++ with the support of wxWidgets libraries.
I'm a complete new enter in the debian world, I'm an hobbyist programmer
and this is my first deb package, hope could be interesting for someone
and I wish to share with the community if useful. 
So if is worth for the community, I will need a sponsor to distribute.
I opened a bug for ITP at bug.debian.org with number 622760.
Thanks all
Enas Giovanni  

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