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Re: How to properly integrate cran2deb into Debian?

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 11:08:20AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> probably not the right list, debian-science list comes rather to mind
> because Dirk Eddelbuettel (in CC) is also reading there.  So please move
> to this list in case you want to continue discussing this issue.

Done. Totally forgot to CC Dirk, thanks for noticing!

> I once suggested a similar brain-stormish idea to Dirk (IMHO in PM some
> years ago).  Yes, the copyright issue is the hardest reason why
> automatic builds can not go into Debian.  However, we could consider
> manually written copyright files step by step for packages in our interest
> and trigger a move to official Debian in case this file exists.  I do
> not think that any signed checksums are needed.

Yes, this approach may make sense. AIUI, cran2deb currently creates the
debian/copyright file. My idea of adding a signature was to give the build
process (and ftp-master) a trust-path, so that it's clear that some human
was involved in writing up that file. But I did not think thoroughly about
that yet.

> > Given that ftp-masters meet next month, it might be a good point for
> > their agenda? I could bring this up and maybe even meet with them to
> > discuss that, as they meet "just around the corner". Anyone interested?
> I'd consider this a good idea.  However, you should definitely
> coordinate with Dirk.  IMHO it makes no sense to convince ftpmaster to
> accept something if the main person who is involved into cran2deb
> refuses to do something into this direction.

Full ACK. I was not going to push that hard on my own, that's why I asked
if there is some interest in pushing this in the first place. I guess there
is, but if it's not in "upstreams" interest, we'd better not take that
route. I guess it will take a few years and several discussions anyway.

Best regards,

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