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Re: R packages in Debian Science (Was: ITP: r-cran-colorspace -- GNU R Color Space Manipulation)

On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, Ross Boylan wrote:

I haven't been following closely enough to know the purpose, but
potentially every R package is (or could be imagined to be) is

Sure.  But for instance I'm rather busy packaging r-surveillance
and other R tools for use in epidemiology.  These will go to a
med-epidemiology package and do staticts under this topic.  They
would be definitely missplaced in a science-statistics metapackage.

The other r-cran-* packages I ITPed are just preconditions and
while they perfectly fit in the science scope I see better chances
for categorisation than just trowing them all into the statistics
bin.  For instance:

  #512431: r-cran-sp -- GNU R classes and methods for spatial data
    should go to science geography

  #512069: r-cran-plotrix -- GNU R package providing various plotting functions
    (it is ITPed as plotrix but should be renamed to r-cran-plotrix
     if only ftpmaster whould tell me which way to fix this makes
     them less work - currently they decided to stay silent at all
     makes a minimum work for them :-()
    I tend to put this into science-viewing because it is rather
    related to creating nice diagrams than doing general statistics.

So I just wonder whether you see better categories than just
"statistics" if you see the list of tasks at


Kind regards



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