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Creating a debian robotics group inside debian science

[Please follow up to debian-science]

Dear people,

first of all I would like to apologise because I have "BCC" this mail to 
people that I think that use debian (or ubuntu) and has relation with the 
robotics area and they are not subscribe to this list. If I'm wrong, sorry 
for the noise and move this mail to /dev/null. ;-)

OTOH, if it's your case, and you know people that are interested, please, FF 
this message.

What's debian-science?

From [1] , the goals are:
- Provide to researchers and scientists better experience when using Debian. 
- Classify, package and distribute free software useful to science and 
- Support any quality efforts around free scientific software. 
- Maintaining the Debian Science CDD [2]

You can use Debian Science perfectly as you are using Debian because it is a 
completely internal project and is nothing else than Debian itself. We just 
felt a need to found a team that works as a strike force for scientific 
software inside Debian. 

#metapackages provide an easy way of installing a range of software 
appropriate to your particular field.

In general, all of us use a collection of packages that are common in the 
scientific area. Under the umbrella of debian science, I would like to ask if 
someone are interested in create some kind of group to create and maintain 
software packages in the robotics area. 

I have added to this mail people that I know that don't know how to create 
packages, but they are users (and developers) and their collaboration with 
ideas about interesting software or bugs or whatever is important.

Also, I have added people that has their own custom debian distribution based 
on debian (or ubuntu) and their collaboration joining efforts to maintain 
some packages could be decisive. I should mention that the robotics area is 
very wide but there's a part that has a special relation with the hardware 
(robots, devices, ...) that has some specific constraints: realtime kernels 
and drivers.

OTOH, you cannot underestimate all the people that their work in the robotics 
area is based on simulations or planning, where many times use software of 
the games and they don't depend on any specific hardware.  

To many kind of packages could go there, and a lot of tasks could be defined. 
This mail is just a first approach to try to work together, to share opinions 
(problems) to see if it could be done or not. I did a first fast and dirty 
propose of packages (done or to package) [3]. The responsible tag is that i 
have propose it.

If you are interested, please reply to the debian science list. If the group 
is consolided, we can ask to create a specific list, but. 

Opinions, ideas?

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience
[2] http://people.debian.org/~tille/cdd/
[3] http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/robotics.html

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