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Looking for a DD to open an Alioth project.

Hi all,

Is there a DD who could sponsor an alioth project that I would like to
open for the Orange mining software? The reason I am interested in this
software is that they have a module specialised in genomics.

There are two other persons part of this project:

- Cyril Brulebois, in the NM queue, who already packaged software
  relevant to graphes, that are used in systems biology.

- Jure Kodzoman, who works under the supervision of the upstream authors
  and had started to package Orange when I filed an ITP.


Orange differs from most other data mining software for bioinformatics
in that it uses a graphical interface for connecting data sets to


Unfortunately, non-DDs can not start Alioth projects, so we would need
an official developper to do the request. I am already admin of other
projects, so there would not be time-consuming supervising overheads.

(Alternatively, we could use the debian-med Alioth project, but Orange
is big and its scope is broader that medical and pre-clinical project.
In contrary, the debian-med repository hosts small packages for software
which are not very active upstream and which are not very relevant
outside life sciences and medecine.)

Have a nice day,


PS: If this mail made you feel like contributing to this project, you
are of course welcome.

----- Forwarded message from admin@alioth.debian.org -----

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 10:41:16 +0100
From: admin@alioth.debian.org
To: charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org
Subject: Alioth - Projet refusé

La candidature de votre projet a été rejetée.

Nom long du projet :  Packaging of the Orange mining software.
Nom UNIX du projet : pkg-orange-data-mining

Raison de notre refus :


You're not yet a Debian maintainer and you requested an alioth project. This doesn't fit the criteria we decided to apply to alioth projects. That's why we're rejecting your request.

Note however that we can resurrect your project as soon as your package is integrated in Debian. To achieve that you should be looking for a sponsor that will integrate your package into Debian.

Alternatively once you have a sponsor, he may get in touch with us and convince us to create the project even before the integration of the package in Debian. That's particularly true for projects which do not concern packaging ...

Feel free to contact admin@alioth.debian.org when you reach that goal.

Good luck !

 The alioth admins.

----- End forwarded message -----

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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