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Re: ssh

The standard ssh for etch is all you need.

man ssh-keygen will show you how to create a public key

You should probably look through the documentation in


On 28/02/07, Francesco Pietra <chiendarret@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi All:
Is anyone aware of a friendly openssh (including
server) that installs on Debian etch and allows
interactive connections secured by pubkeys?

I installed ssh and openssh-server from debian. OK
using password, though I met problems in configuring
for pubkeys (ssd_config comes with "UsePAM yes"
"PermitRootLogin yes" #AuthorizedKeysFile %h/
.ssh/authorized_keys" (does %h refer to every user?).
Tired with trial-and-error I hope to find an easir
groung elsewhere.

Not anyone is a professional administrator, though
many of us have to get the OS running. A bit more
comments of the config file would help.


francesco pietra

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