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Re: mpqc


On Fri, Jan 19, 2007 at 10:52:35PM -0800, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Was latest version of MPQC (2.3.1-1) for amd64
> compiled for libint? 

Not to my knowledge.

> Having locked 2.3.1-0.2 (compiled for libint), I can't check. However,
> I see the for i386 was not compiled for libint. Is the same
> for amd64?  email inquiry to the maintainer returned undelivered.

Can you be more specific?  I got your bug report about this (#409025)
which you sent after this mail exchange on this list, but I cannot find
any other mail by you.

> It is only libint that allows R12 procedures. I wish
> any release for amd64 is compiled for libint (i386
> can't be powerful enough for R12).

Etch is frozen now, so wish-list items like this will have to wait till
after its release.

> Also, I wish compilation is for acml libraries, or an
> optional compilation this way is given for amd64.
> All that (simple indeed for an expert maintainer) to
> keep mpqc at the level it can attain. At present, on
> debian repositories, it is not.

MPQC indeed could need some love, but it's too late for Etch now, sorry.
I hope that Etch+1 will have better MPQC packages.



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