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Re: [ROOT] New release of Debian ROOT packages - Development Snapshot

Hi Roland,

Okay, I've compiled it on amd64 with an up-to-date Debian testing,
which went through. An oddity might be that each dpkg-deb call for
building a package was preceded by a tar error message, complaining
that a filename read from stdin contained a NUL character.

No worries, this is not ROOT-specific -- it's some recently developed
minor incompatibility between tar and dpkg-deb.  Not anything to worry
about though.

One thing I noticed: it seems required to set ROOTSYS=/usr, otherwise
there are complaints. For someone using ROOT already this is obvious,
but if this is to go into Debian stable, /usr should be the default
if nothing is set.

What are the complaints?  Debian packages shouldn't be depending on
env. variables.

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