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Re: [R-sig-Debian] GUI for R

| >
| >    Can you help me, please? I'm not keen on Gnome, any working GUI would
| > be fine.

If you are spending any significant time working in R I would highly recommend emacs with ESS. Both are apt-gettable for stable, testing and unstable. It does require a bit of time on your part, to run through the emacs tutorial and then the basics of ESS. However, once you do that you can do just about anything with it.

I started out with the very basic commands - moving around, cutting and pasting from a script into R. Whenever I found I was doing the same thing over and over I poked around until I found the emacs way to make it easier - Ctrl-a to jump to the beginning of a line, Ctrl-c Ctrl-f to send a function from a script into R, Ctrl-c Ctrl-v to open a help window etc.

If you already know how to use emacs then you should run, not walk, over to the repositories to install ESS. If you don't know emacs, it might be worth learning just for ESS.



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