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Re: How much interest in a "debian-science.org" repository?

On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 12:07:40PM -0400, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:

> Currently there are a fair number of repositories of science-related
> unofficial Debian packages out there.  I've been thinking that it might
> make sense to consolidate them into a single site.

> - Permit convenient one-stop "shopping" for unofficial scientific .debs
> with only one sources.list entry (well, two counting deb-src)

> - Better PR for the unofficial .debs.  Instead of a dozen different
> unofficial repositories, now only one would need to be publicized,
> perhaps with an obvious name like "www.debian-science.org".

If we make a "scientific software for Debian" repository, rather than
"for Debian, Ubuntu, all other derivatives and Fedora" mentioned in
another message, we should make it as science.debian.net :)

If we make it as "for Debian, Ubuntu, all other derivatives and
Fedora", maybe it should be called "science-pkg.org" or so. Not
"Debian". :)

Do any other distro have similar difficulties with science software
that would be addressed by an unofficial repository? More precisely,
do Fedora and Mandriva? Does Ubuntu? In other words, would it be
_useful_ to make it broader than "for Debian"?

All in all, I think it is a good idea. The "per subject" separation
doesn't look like a good idea to me; use debtags for that.


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