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Re: How much interest in a "debian-science.org" repository?

On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Daniel Leidert wrote:

Am Mittwoch, den 19.07.2006, 20:20 +0200 schrieb Michael Hanke:
On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 12:07:40PM -0400, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
Dear list,

Currently there are a fair number of repositories of science-related
unofficial Debian packages out there.  I've been thinking that it might
make sense to consolidate them into a single site.  This would have
several advantages:
- snip -

I think this is a great idea and Debian-science community could gain a
lot with this central repository. But IMHO its success might depend
on the details:

1. What Debian versions will be supported (or what Debian derivatives)?

Interesting. I think, there could be ways to support both Debian and
Ubuntu (e.g. automatic rebuilding of packages, which compile without
changes under Ubuntu and Debian) and provide the package to Debian and
Ubuntu in two repositories. Backports might be more complicated.

I have been recommending Ubuntu for those who are initially converting from some other OS. I am very interested in having my packages available to them. If the package is in Debian, there is a good chance that an Ubuntu developer has ported it (or just built it), however, I think that having a single place to find them for scientists is a great idea. The backport issue is rather important, I think. I don't like to recommend new users to run unstable so I try to make sure my packages are installable on sarge. This is getting a bit harder now with the python transition. I will have to keep separate versions.


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