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Re: [pkg-bioc] Re: Genetics Program

On Saturday 10 December 2005 15:54, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> Is it really that amount of *_daily_* hand-holding, or is it just a lot
> of work to set up things and then it runs almost automatically?

It's not daily maintainance... but requires recurrent attention 
nevertheless... but not something an Alioth community could not do.
We have done this is in the past, but the main problem was to have a server 
available on which the debs for the various architectures could be made 

> At any rate, I am not willing to spend time *_daily_* on this project. I
> think we need a volunteer here, perhaps someone willing to become a
> Debian developer who is not yet maintaining other packages.

Or revive the alioth project, and make some good agreements on who is going to 
do what... I have been building amd64 debs in the past, and worked on the 
build script, but the debs never made it into a apt-get-able repository...

Basic tasks/jobs we have for this project are:

- maintain the build tool
- setup/maintain an apt-get-able repository
- builders for the various architectures
- a contact with Debian developers
- an Aloith project leader (who does the admin of alioth)
- testers (who do tests with lintian/linda) (*)
- a reasonable sized user base (though that does not seem to be a problem)

*: I think the R CMD INSTALL might actually do some checking? Other wise we 
need to have a daemon that downloads new jars from the repository and run the 
test examples of the R packages, and report problems to a online HTML page.


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