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Re: Systems for writing a science app front-end

While it is possible to feed gnuplot from an external script, we have recently been developing a gnuplot replacement using python, wxwidgets and matplotlib. The intent is to have a standalone tool for plotting as well as something that can be integrated more completly into a GUI.

Initially, we started with Tk then moved to pyplot but the current combination or wxwidgets and matplotlib seems to be a better bet for portability and support in the future.


On Sun, 28 Aug 2005, Neil Pilgrim wrote:

Claudio Belotti wrote:
On Sun, 28 Aug 2005, subscriptions@rdegraaf.nl wrote:

We use:
- TCL/TK for front-ends.
- Octave to convert data sets.
- GnuPlot for realtime plotting the data.
- PostgreSQL for data storage.

maybe you can use octave also for plotting via gnuplot or via octaviz, octave VTK wrapper.

While I use gnuplot for 'quick' plots, it doesn't integrate very well in a GUI? I suppose you could render to png/svg and load them in :)

I've always thought about getting into octave, but for possibly the same reason as matlab and other specific-purpose languages/systems, it is difficult to know if the investment is worthwhile over learning a more general-purpose language - so far I just stick to c++ :) (well, and bash/shell tools, some python...)

If I start talking about PGSQL then I'm afraid that we'll move onto a different discussion entirely...ascii vs database vs netcdf vs HDF vs... ;)


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