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[RFS] quaneko: An index tool of TXT, PDF, DOC, HTML and others

From: http://sponsors.debian.net/viewpkg.php?id=27

Name: 	quaneko
Version: 	1.0.0-3
ITP/ITA Number: 	324422
Description: 	Description: An index tool of TXT, PDF, DOC, HTML and others
Quaneko is a tool that allows you to quickly search for keywords in
the files and directories on the local hard disk. It creates indexes
over the words in those files. For you, this means that a typical
search query will only take seconds.
quaneko can not only search for words in plain text files but also in
various other file formats, depending on its configuration (e.g. Word
doc, pdf, html, xml,...)
Source Details: 	http://quaneko.sourceforge.net/
Record Created: 	2005-08-22 04:16:43
Record Updated: 	2005-08-22 04:18:59
Sponsor: 	None
Maintainer: 	Daobing Li (lidaobing@gmail.com)
Status: 	New

LI Daobing

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