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Re: personal literature collection

Hi Marc,

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 16:31, Marc Baaden wrote:
> Hi,
> some time ago I was asking similar questions (and haven't really found the
> perfect answer. So please allow me to re-post my thoughts to widen the
> discussion a little bit. Some bits are a little specific to computational
> chemistry. It's about Data and Knowledge Management Tools for Computational
> Chemists.
> I am looking for software, tools or general approaches to get hold of the
> wealth of information that accumulates (mostly) electronically. In particular
> emails, text/PDF/XML or similar documents, bookmarks to websites and 
> bibliographic references.
> The main request would be to be able to "store" information as is without
> having to enter it individually into a curated database. Filtering, indexing
> or cataloging through a script would be ok, though. A powerful search should be
> possible.


as you want to mix different kinds of information and only want to
access the info, a general index generator comes to my mind.
I.e. 'swish++' can index lots of file formats using filters.
Then you can ask to list you eveything which caintains for example
'bronstein', my preferred math handbook.

I prefer a more type specific approch where a program knows about the
structure of the info, i.e. email, book reference, gps data, ... and
parses this info and finally stores it in a database.  Then you can
either do a global query overall databases and tables or in a specific
one. And use sql scripts combined with perl, the "swiss army nife of the
programmer" someone said sometime ago in a mail list.

Kind Regards,

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