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Re: Bibliography-Software recommendation

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 10:38:42AM +0200, Stephan Gromer wrote:
> Dear all,


> As I need to write scientific publications once in a while, I need
> some sort of reference manager. Most biomedical journals insist on
> manuscripts in Word or RTF-format, so OpenOffice is the suite of
> choice under Linux I guess.

Well, less and less journals ask specifically that the manuscripts be
submitted in Word doc format. And there's more : I had to write a big
review in the Mass Spec Reviews journal. The instructions for authors
mentioned that only Word doc format files were accepted. I just could
not stand that and wrote to the editor directly a letter explaining
why I just would not submit a paper in that format (politeness brings
a lot more than...). He forwarded the stuff to the managing editor and
the reply was, "Oh, no problem, LaTeX ? Fine !". Same story for
Analytical Biochemistry (or was it Nucleic Acids Research ?). In fact
it happened to me that they changed their instructions for authors
after some time to accept LaTeX manuscripts.

So, please, do not hesitate to write to the journals kindly explaining
why you cannot send them proper Word doc files (i.e. "Sorry, but
nobody uses Windows in our GNU/Linux shop"). They might accept your
paper in "ASCII format" :).

If so, pybliographic and LaTeX and emacs have done wonders for me...

Good luck,


Oh, and by the way, if nobody complains about this, then "WIN-shop
journals" are surely not going to change their way...

Filippo Rusconi, PhD - CNRS researcher - key C78F687C @ pgp.mit.edu
Author of ``GNU polyxmass'' at http://www.polyxmass.org

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