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Re: Bibliography-Software recommendation

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Stephan Gromer wrote:

As I need to write scientific publications once in a while, I need
some sort of reference manager. Most biomedical journals insist on
manuscripts in Word or RTF-format, so OpenOffice is the suite of
choice under Linux I guess.
Using OOo is however a pain in the neck when it comes to references.
The build-in system is anything but userfriendly or intuitive.
Unfortunately, the OO-bibliography project has postponed its release
until OOo 3.x.
Perhaps it is a good question what comes first:

  - OOo 3.x with support for references  or
  - people managed to educate journal editors that there
    is something else than Word (LaTeX and others)

I would strongly advocate that someone with the proper administrative
rights @Debian includes this nice piece of software into the official
Strongly advocating means
  - file a RFP bug report
  - verify the existing packages
  - ask for a sponsor

Kind regards



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