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Re: Adding own Software?


Filippo Rusconi wrote:

That would be absolutely excellent. More than that, it would be

wonderful if you could envisage to package it as a library. Indeed, I
planned for some time to "incorporate" ipc in GNU polyxmass (thank's
to GPLed Free Software :) in its own "department" of the polyxmass
software suite, so that it would remain identified as not written by
me. If you want to find out about GNU polyxmass (apt-get install
polyxmass), please follow http://www.polyxmass.org.
I agree that a library might by a nice. I already thought about this before and I will definitly put it onto my TODO list. It seems that there is still a lack of OSS for this problem.

Note that making ipc as a library (with a small front end for people
willing to use it as an executable) would benefit other projects ! But
that might be the second step, packaging for Debian is not trivial,
and packaging libraries even less so :-)

I think you are right. For the future development I will head into this direction.

Please, keep us posted with your efforts, so that we can look at the
results ! I'll be glad to test the Debian packages.
I'll do my very best! I will be away for some days, so it may take some time before I can show you some results.


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