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gnuplot + readline


Igor asked for comments on gnuplot, although he wanted them to be about
functionality. Sorry for not replying directly to this mail, i just
subscribed to this list.

Now i got something concerning the interface. I am completely happy with
the command line, only one thing bothers me: i miss the expansion of
file names. As the help says, gnuplot has its own readline function. But
it doesn't expand the file names on my system. The GNU readline can be
compiled in, but isn't in the debian package, as can be seen in the
package source (--without-gnu-readline in gnuplot-4.00/debian/rules).
This is quite bad for me because usually the names of my data files are
very long.

My question is if i missed some configuration somewhere for the
expansion (some keyboard thing?). Or, if i didn't, if there is a specific
reason for the package being built without GNU readline support.

What i did is to apt-get the package source, change
--without-gnu-readline into --with-readline=gnu and build my own gnuplot
package, so i am fine. But i guess that it might be annoying for people
who haven't investigated in this, because it was for me until i finally
decided to solve this problem by building my own package.



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