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Re: Any latex gui with vim key bindings?

On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 09:35:33AM -0400, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

>    I am a ardent fan of vim and latex. I am wondering if there is
> any GUI editor for writing latex documents whose editor is vim (or
> at least has vim key bindings).

Emacs? >:-) (Can have vim keybindings and auctec + (latex-preview or
whizzytex) provide nice LaTeX integration.

> I have tried texmacs. While it is very nice, its actual code (.tm
> file) is very difficult to understand.

It is a WYSIWYG editor. You are not supposed to ever read the
code. (This is IMHO one of the major illusions Joris (TeXmacs author)
has. Maybe he'll prove me wrong.) However, the format is rigidly
defined only at the "graph / tree" level, not at the syntax
level. While the .tm syntax is the default, it can save the document
in XML syntax or in a Scheme syntax, if these appeal more to you.

Additionally, you can _in_ TeXmacs, edit the "source tree" (have a
"code view" (WYSISWM: What You See Is What You Mean) instead of a
WYSIWYG view, with a LaTeX-y syntax, a Scheme-y syntax, the TeXmacs
"angular brackets" notation or a function-call-like syntax. Menu
Document / View / Edit Source Tree.

It doesn't have VIM keybindings, though. But you already knew that.


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