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Re: Welcome to Debian Science!

Hello All:

I am a materials physicist who uses synchrotron radiation for structural studies. THe packages I use routinely include

lyx: preparation of all documents

tgif, xfig: drawings

gnumeric, openoffice: spreadsheet and presentations

ghemical: molecular visualization

grace: publication graphics

fityk: peak fitting (I maintain this one)

I have also set up a repository for packages which I maintain for IIT,
my research group and my beamline (MR-CAT at the Advanced Photon Source). Some of these will hopefully make it into Debian but others just cannot. The packages I have in this private repository are:

ifeffit, horae, sixpack: XAFS data analysis (depend on pgplot5)

xgen: macromolecular crystallography (license is under discussion)

mcmaille: x-ray structure solution (OK for Debian)

tpf: x-ray profile refinement (my program, OK for Debian)

gsas: x-ray Rietveld analysis (binary only for i386 unfortunately!)

expgui: GUI for GSAS (OK for Debian but GSAS isn't)

cmpr: peak fitting and x-ray diffraction data viewer (OK for Debian)

fox: crystal structure solution (I think the license is OK)

fit2d: 2D image analysis (binary only for i386)

Our group has been developing a generalized experiment control system, MX, for the MR-CAT beamline and others and I am just getting around to making a package of it along with a bunch of python-based data manipulation and visualization programs.

It is often hard to find a sponsor so I am not trying too hard to get some of these into Debian right now. They are built for i386 for sarge, etch and sid and can be found at:

deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sarge binary/
deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/etch binary/
deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sid binary/
deb-src http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sid source/

I look forward to this list!



Carlo U. Segre -- Professor of Physics
Associate Dean for Special Projects, Graduate College
Illinois Institute of Technology
Voice: 312.567.3498            Fax: 312.567.3494
Carlo.Segre@iit.edu    http://www.iit.edu/~segre

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