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Joined debian-science. Metereology. Debtags

Hello, I landed here as well.  Thanks Helen for the good talk at
Debconf5 and for advertising this list.

I've recently been working in the weather forecast world.  Applications
used over there are fortran (g77, now trying out gfortran), emacs,
gnome, mozilla, openoffice, various custom software from different
agencies around the world.  OpenOffice Calc is both used for cheaply
turning CSV imports into graphs, as well as to do quick and dirty tweaks
of the data.

There's been some excitement for automake/autoconf recently, after I've
been giving a short introduction about them, as they solve a big deal of
the problems of packaging their software (both in detecting dependencies
and for automatically having a well behaved make install).

rpm is also used over there to build packages: it's a Fedora world, and
writing a spec file is easier than a debian/ directory.  This allows
them to turn their software, or the software they use, into a package,
put it into an apt repository and use apt-get for fedora to update their

Is there anone else into metereology around?

As to categorising (hi Thaddeus!) I really think Debtags needs work wrt
science-related tags.  That would not only improve Debtags, but it will
also make Debian strongly visible as a distribution with a wide range
and variety of scientific software.  I'd be happy to assist, but I leave
to someone else the task to come up with some initial set of categories
to discuss.  An initial read here can help:




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