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Welcome to Debian Science!

Hi All,

Welcome to the Debian Science mailing list!  :)

This list has been created for discussion of how to use Debian for science
research (and related areas) and how to make Debian a better OS for science
researchers (and people doing related work).

I think the first thing we need to do is encourage people to join, so that we
can get an idea of in what ways people are using Debian for science and what
things they would like to be different about Debian to make their research
better or easier.  So please let your interested colleagues and friends know
about this list and encourage them to join and express their views.

Some of the things I would like to see happen in Debian, from the point of view
of making my (physics) research easier, include the following:

- an informative list of really useful software for scientists to use, to reduce
the amount of time I spend looking for something that does the thing I want

- a place where scientists know that they can ask questions about Debian or
software in Debian and get useful answers (this list!)

- the possibility to build a CDD for science, so that I could hand it to a
colleague or a student, and they could easily install a Debian System (maybe
even a LiveCD) that would include all of the software they need for their research

What do people think about these ideas?


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