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Re: where to search for s390x workers for ci.debian.net?

On 05.10.20 21:05, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Results of autopkgtests in Debian packages are used to influence package
> migration from unstable to testing. I recently started to expand the
> amount of architectures that ci.debian.net is covering. We currently
> have amd64, arm64, armhf, i386 and ppc64el. I have good hopes that we
> can expand the amount of ppc64el workers and that we get mips64el
> workers soon (which can also run mipsel). Besides armel, that leaves
> s390x as release architecture with missing autopkgtest coverage. Does
> any of you have ideas where we would be able to get access to s390x
> hosts to run autopkgtests on?

I still would like to send an email to d-d-a around finding porters,
lest I think the port should no longer be a release architecture
post-bullseye. It's on my very near term todo list.

That being said Martha McConaghy manages the IBMISV instance where DSA
and myself have a few instances. If we knew the actual requirements it
shouldn't be hard to get some more. Disk has traditionally been annoying
(because it's delivered in the form of small MDISKs in z/VM rather than
large blobs of block storage).

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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