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Re: Debian 9 on hercules

In the mean time the hang problem has been fixed, on both the official Hyperion and SDL Fish Hyperion forks, and also on my fork of the Spinhawk Hercules (https://github.com/Peter-J-Jansen/spinhawk; a pull request has been issued).

However, installing Debian 9 directly under Hercules still encounters problems with both the CTCI and OSA layer 2 and layer 3 devices. (I will investigate this further after my vacation, and try to find and fix the problem.) Only the installation of Debian 9 under VM works fine. The resulting Debian 9 works fine, also when IPL‘d directly under Hercules.

Peter Jansen

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On 7 Feb 2018, at 01:25, Jerry Heyman <heymanj@acm.org> wrote:

I have downloaded the latest Debian 9 DVD ISO for s390x -
debian-9.3.0-s390x-DVD-1.iso - and the installation hang
issue is still present.  Is there an actual solution for Debian 9, or can
someone point me to where I can download a
Debian 8 s390x ISO?



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