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Re: Bug#878285, #878286: mozjs52: FTBFS on powerpc, s390x, powerpc64: test failures

On Thu, 12 Oct 2017 at 01:31:08 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> powerpc64 (pizzetti) gets the same test failures as s390x (zelenka),
> suggesting that they are something that happens on big-endian 64-bit.
> hppa doesn't seem to have a porterbox and sparc64's (notker) was
> unresponsive, so I can't confirm that theory.
> powerpc (partch) only gets one of those failures.

I've committed changes to pkg-gnome git to make these failures
non-fatal, and will downgrade the severity of the bugs to non-RC when
those changes have been released. Please see #878285, #878286 for
details of the test failures.

These test failures clearly indicate at least one bug, but it isn't
clear what the severity of that bug is: it could be anything from minor
(if trivial functionality is broken) to RC (if mozjs52 is basically
unusable on the relevant architecture).

Any testing and patches that users of these ports can provide would be
appreciated. If the bug(s) isn't/aren't fixed, mozjs52 will either
remain available with known test failures if it does basically work,
or have its old binaries removed from the affected architectures (with
the test failures becoming a FTBFS) if feedback indicates that the test
failures are evidence of RC bugs.

mozjs52 is used by current versions of gjs, so architecture-specific
removal of mozjs52 would also require architecture-specific removal of
gnome-shell, gnome-maps, polari etc., which would in turn make the
GNOME task and metapackages uninstallable on the affected architecture.


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