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Keeps on building for ages on s390x

reopen 857067


as far as I can see on the build logs[1] the package needs >1h to build
on s390x and thus I do not consider my latest upload as a fix and reopen
the bug.

Please note: When I applied the patch suggested by Ole I've found some
quilt cruft in .pc dir inside the patch.  I removed this since it was
not applied to the code.  May be I messed something up and simply
another pair of eyeballs could follow Ole's suggestion.  Please simply
NMU if you found a solution.  I do not expect that the original
maintainer will care since Soeren had not contributed to this package
very long time (as well as to other of his packages).  My plan is to
take over dsdp into Debian Science team maintenance after Stretch

Kind regards


[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=dsdp


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