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Re: Bug#821347: libsecret porting for s390x

control: tag -1 + patch
control: tag -1 + upstream
control: tag -1 + fixed-upstream

On 2016-08-25 14:16, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> I am therefore cloning this bug and reassigning the clone to pygobject.
> I don't simply reassigning it as the /collection/delete-sync test is
> also failing, though it seems to not be fully reproducible and seems to
> also happen on other architectures (mipsel for example).

I have difficulties to reproduce the /collection/delete-sync failure. It
seems to happen roughly once every 5 builds, and I have not yet managed
to reproduce the issue when running only this test. I believe there is
some race condition or bug in the mock service, which might not be s390x
specific (it also failed in previous versions on at least armhf, hppa and

In addition to that, the test-vala-unstable also fails. It happens the
bug is fixed upstream with this commit:

To summarize, I am able to get libsecret to build and pass the testsuite
most of the time:
- after applying the above patch to libsecret
- after applying the patch in #835413 to pygobject.


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