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Re: Bug#728705: gdb fails on s390x with "Couldn't write registers: Invalid argument"

 ❦  4 novembre 2013 14:35 CET, Thibaut Paumard <thibaut@debian.org> :

> gdb seems to be completely useless on s390x. I tried running it against
> various executables (both buggy and sane). gdb seems to launch the
> executable, however the subprocess doesn't seem to be doing anything.
> gdb just gives a message, but it does not even seem to consider the
> situation fatal and just seats there, apparently considering that the
> subprocess is running faultlessly. Example session on "echo foo", notice
> how "foo" is not echoed:

I have the same problem and since the only s390x porterbox is hit by
this bug, this makes any serious debugging quite impossible for this

If the current work-around is to have a more recent kernel, maybe we
could ask DSA to install a backported kernel?
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