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Re: Using netboot Debian installation images in the Hercules emulator

On Thu, Jul 04, 2013 at 11:55:00AM -0400, Stephen Powell wrote:
> There is no need to do a list-directed IPL from a CD image, there is no
> need to create an emulated tape file, etc.  Just use the netboot images
> directly.  There is not even a need to pad the files to a multiple of
> 80 bytes, thanks to the autopad option.  You can use them "as is".  You
> boot the installer by entering the "ipl 000C" command on the Hercules
> console, of course.  (Or you may use "iplc 000C" if you want to do a
> "load clear" instead of a "load normal".)  I hope this helps someone.

Maybe you could check out the debian-installer manual from SVN and create a
patch? I'd be happy to commit it.

Philipp Kern

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