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New user help

I am doing an install on an IBM Z9 LPAR of 6.0.3.

The install was going smoothly until I got to "Configure direct access

storage device".  I supplied an address and was ask if I wanted to

format it; I said yes and when it finished it went back to the

previous screen.  It just keeps alternating these screens. 


In another session if I do  # cat /proc/dasd/devices I get:


0.0.2249(ECKD) at ( 94:     0) is dasda       : active at blocksize: 4096, 1803060 blocks, 7043 MB

0.0.224a(ECKD) at ( 94:     4) is dasdb       : active at blocksize: 4096, 1803060 blocks, 7043 MB


How do I move forward?


Thanks,   ………..Larry


Larry D. Martin

Mainframe Systems Support

Office of Information Technology and Communications


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