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Re: s390-tools_1.13.0-1_s390.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

On Fri, Oct 07, 2011 at 11:07:15AM +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> I attached the relevant IBM changelog.

Now I did.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
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    Changes of existing tools:
    - qetharp: Support IPv6 for query ARP cache for HiperSockets
          For HiperSockets (real and GuestLAN) in layer 3 mode, qetharp
          is now able to show IPv6 entries. These entries are only shown
          if qetharp is called with -6 or --ipv6 in conjunction with -q.

    - zfcpdbf: Adjust tool to 2.6.38 zfcp driver changes
          For the Linux kernel 2.6.38 the zfcp driver changed its tracing
          infrastructure. The zfcpdbf tool is updated to work with
          the new trace data. Note that the new tool will not be able to
          process zfcp traces from kernels older than 2.6.38.

    Bug Fixes:
    - cmsfs-fuse:
          * Allow opening of read-only disk images
          * Fix read error on fixed record length file in text mode
          * Fix read error on variable files ending with a null block
          * Fix off-by-one error for writing fixed length records
          * Don't update the last variable pointer for fixed files
          * Enlarge the file system name string
          * Delete old file if renaming to an existing file
          * Prevent segmentation fault if $HOME is undefined

    - hyptop: Fix man page typo ('r' = current weight)

    - hyptop: Prevent interactive mode on s390 line mode terminals
          To prevent hyptop starting in interactive mode on line mode
          terminals, the TERM variable is checked. If TERM is unset
          or set to "dumb" interactive mode is not allowed.

    - cpuplugd: Fix multiplication in rule expressions

    Added new tool:
    - hyptop

    Changes of existing tools:
    - cio_ignore: Add new option -i / --is-ignored
          Add an option to the cio_ignore tool which can be used to determine
          if a device with a given ID is on the blacklist:

          # cio_ignore --is-ignored 0.0.0190
          Device 0.0.0190 is ignored

          # cio_ignore --is-ignored 0.0.0009
          Device 0.0.0009 is not ignored

    - cmsfs-fuse: Add support for configuration file
          Add a configuration file for automatic translation from EBCIDC
          to ASCII based on the file type.

    - tunedasd: Add new option -Q / --query_reserve
          The new option -Q / --query_reserve can be used to determine the
          reservation status of a device.

    - chreipl: Various enhancements
          * Add support to re-IPL from named saved systems (NSS)
          * Add support to specify additional kernel parameters for re-IPL
          * Add "auto target" support
          * Add support to re-IPL from device-mapper multipath devices

    - zgetdump: Add kdump support for --info option

    - zipl/zfcpdump_v2: Disable automatic activation of LUNs
          With Linux 2.6.37 all available ZFCP SCSI NPIV LUNs are automatically
          set online. For zfcpdump this has to be prevented because only the
          dump disk should be set online. To achieve this the zfcpdump
          application sets /sys/module/zfcp/parameters/allow_lun_scan
          to zero before setting the ZFCP device online.

    Bug Fixes:
    - dasdfmt: Fix buffer overrun in error message for option -b

    - cpuplugd: cmm_pages not set and restored correctly

    - lsluns: Fix LUN reporting for SAN volume controller (SVC)

    - lsluns: Uninitialized value on adapter offline
          An error message is presented stating that some values are not
          initialized while an operation is due. The program execution is not
          reflecting the offline adapter status. Account for offline adapter
          status and show an appropriate message

    - lsluns: Accept uppercase and lowercase hex digits

    - zgetdump: Add umount fallback for --umount option
          If the fusermount is not installed, zgetdump now tries the umount
          command as second choice to unmount a directory.

    - fdasd/dasdfmt: Fix format 7 label
          Backups of Linux on System z disks from z/OS do not work when the
          disk is not fully partitioned. The format 7 label written by fdasd
          and dasdfmt is incorrect. The extend for free space has one track
          less than required which is recognized as inconsistent vtoc state
          by z/OS tools. Fix libvtoc to write the format 7 label correctly.

    Changes of existing tools:
    - cmsfs-fuse: Add write support
          With this support it is possible to add, delete, and modify CMS
          files under Linux.

    - zipl: Add support for automatic menus
          When the keyword 'defaultauto' is specified in the defaultboot
          section of a zipl.conf file, zipl will automatically build and
          install a boot menu including all IPL sections listed in the
          configuration file.

    - cpuplugd: Code cleanup for messages

    - all: Add gcov build support
          Extend the s390-tools build system to support gcov-based code
          coverage measurements. To use gcov on a compiled tool, perform
          these steps:
          1. # make G=1
          2. Run the tool
          3. # gcov file.c (where file.c is the source code file for which
                            code coverage data is requested)
          4. Analyze gcov output written to file.c.gcov
          See the gcov man page for a description of the gcov output format.
          Note: gcov is only available for tools written in C and C++

    Bug Fixes:
    - dumpconf: Redirect stdout/stderr to prevent "startpar" hangs

    - zfcpdbf: Rename --dates option
          Rename "--date" to "--dates" as documented in the man page.

    - chccwdev: Fix cio_settle usage when more than on device is changed
          The chccwdev tool can operate on lists of devices. If this feature
          is used, cio_settle is invoked too late. Use cio_settle prior to
          parsing the list of devices.

    - lsdasd: Fix return code of -h option

    - ziomon: Fix return codes for -h and -v options

    - ziomon: Replace deprecated "df -m" by "df -B 1M"
          ziomon uses GNU df with the option -m. This option is deprecated. It
          is replaced by the option "-B 1M".

    - zipl dump tools: Add retry logic for subchannel status
          In order to recover from failures like interface-control checks,
          we now retry the I/O, if the subchannel status is not equal to "0".

    - zipl: Check for maximum parmline size
          Parmlines which exceeds the maximum size are truncated during IPL
          which might cause problems.

    - zipl: Fix heap overflow when installing large menus
          Prevent zipl from writing menus with more than 50 entries to memory
          beyond the allocated heap buffer.

    - ttyrun: Fix argument parsing for upstart jobs
          ttyrun fails if you use the -e option in combination with a terminal
          that is specified using an absolute path.

    Changes of existing tools:
    - znetconf: Add support for new CHPIDs OSX and OSM

    - chchp: Use /proc/cio_settle
          "cio_settle" ensures that all previously started CIO actions are
          handled. This feature is now used in chchp and ensures that after
          chchp returns, subsequent work of the requested action is completed
          e.g. (de)registration of devices.

    Bug Fixes:
    - ziomon: Fix the execution of stat <file> to follow symlinks
          Otherwise a false major:minor number is returned and the script
          fails to resolve the matching multipath-, SCSI-device combination.

    - znetconf: Fix -d|--driver option to work with latest versions of bash

    - cpuplugd: Fix cmm_min/max limit checks
          The cmm_min and cmm_max limits are not enforced correctly,
          when starting the daemon without the -V option or when
          cmm_pages is set manually below or above the limits.
          This patch makes the checks independent from the -V option
          and adds a check for cmm_pages beyond the limit.

    - cpuplugd: Set cpu_min to 1 by default
          With a cpu_min default value of 2 the "cpu ping pong" effect
          may still be visible with low system load, i.e. expensive CPU 
          signaling may occur if the workload is spread on 2 under-worked
          CPUs. Therefore the default value of cpu_min is set to 1 now.

    - cpuplugd: Fix stack overwrite
          cpuplugd will terminate with "stack smashing" error on systems with
          more than 30 CPUs. The NULL termination of a read buffer will write
          beyond the buffer if a previous read() filled out the whole buffer.
          This is fixed by reading only maximum buffer size - 1 bytes.
          Also fixed some initialization errors discovered by valgrind.

    - cmsfs-fuse: Fix variable record file length ending with a null block
          If a variable record file ends with a null block, the whole block is
          counted. That results in a wrong file size since only the length
          as given in the variable header may be used from the null block.
          Correct the file size by calculating the used bytes from the
          record data of the last block.

    - cmsfs-fuse: Fix memory leak in freeing cached file data

    - iucvterm - iucvtty: Install signal handler for the interrupt signal
          An established IUCV terminal connection is not disconnected when
          iucvtty has been started in foreground and the user triggers an
          SIGINT.  The parent process (iucvtty) exits but the child process
          keeps running. However, handle SIGINT and stop the child process.

    - iucvterm - iucvtty: Do not specify z/VM user IDs for the login program
          Login programs use -h to specify the host name of the originator.
          iucvtty passes the z/VM user ID for this option that might cause
          DNS timeouts if the target system cannot reach any DNS servers.

    - vmur: Revised man page and added vmur examples

    - ip_watcher - xcec-bridge: Fix multicast forwarding
          xcec-bridge was developed for the packet socket support of the qeth
          layer 3 driver. The code assumes there are no link level headers for
          incoming packets. The new qeth layer 3 driver has full packet socket
          support so xcec-bridge has to account the link level header.

    - zfcpdbf: Fix "Use of uninitialized value" and output issues,
          add devno and timestamp to output of "status read" and
          remove output of LS field for ELS requests; it was wrong,
          and newer dbf does not have this redundant field.

    - qethconf: Fix "ipa list" function to display devices with
          subchannel set != 0

    - vmconvert: Fix dump conversion problem for z/VM guests with DCSSes
          For VMDUMPs of z/VM guests with DCSSes vmconvert used the
          wrong storage size.

    - chccwdev: Fix --attribute option

    - chccwdev: Print message if no driver is attached to a device

    Added new tools:
    - cmsfs-fuse
    - ttyrun
    - lsmem/chmem

    Changes of existing tools:
    - zgetdump: Add dump conversion and mount support
          The zgetdump tool can be used now for dump format conversion.It can
          read ELF, s390, and LKCD and write ELF and s390 format dumps.
          A mount option based on "fuse" is added to zgetdump that allows dumps
          to be converted in memory on the fly without the need of copying
          them. The following two options are added to zgetdump:
          * fmt: Specify output dump format (elf or s390)
          * mount: Mount dump instead of copying it to standard output

    - zgetdump: Remove multi-volume tape dump support
          The capacity of todays tape cartridges is big enough for dumping
          large systems. Therefore multi-volume tape dump support is no longer

    - lsqeth: Add new qeth attribute "sniffer"

    - chccwdev, cio_ignore: Use /proc/cio_settle
          "cio_settle" ensures that all previously started CIO actions are
          handled. This feature is used now in chccwdev and cio_ignore and has
          the following effects:
          * chccwdev:
            Devices can be attached and set online afterwards with chccwdev
            without the need of a delay between the commands.
          * cio_ignore:
            After cio_ignore returns it is now ensured that the requested
            action is completed.

    - zfcpdump_v2/vmconvert: Add CPU lowcore pointers to asm dump header
          By adding the CPU lowcore pointers to the dump header we now
          can access the CPU registers in dumps without needing the
          System.map symbol information.

    Bug Fixes:
    - ziomon: Allow ziorep_config to be installed to different directories
          The path for ziorep_config has been hard-coded to
          "/sbin/ziorep_config" and it was checked to detect install errors.
          However distributions may install these files in varying directories.
          With this patch this is possible now, because the hardcoded path is
          no longer necessary. ziorep_config now has to be installed to a
          directory that is in the PATH variable of the caller.

    - ziomon: Fix problem with long multipath device names
          When tracing multipath devices with long names, e.g.
          /dev/mapper/360050768018f8267c800000000000008, parsing of the 'df'
          command output can break and result in syntax error messages on
          the command line.

    - ziomon: Fix problem with multipath command output
          Some versions of the multipath command use characters that can
          break parsing of its output, ultimately leading to error messages
            ziomon: Number of LUNs does not match number of devices: 12
                    devices and 10 LUNs

    - zipl/zfcpdump: Use "cgroup_disable=memory" kernel parameter
          The zfcpdump kernel has to run within a 32 MB limit. When using
          "memory cgroups" about 2.6 MB are allocated, which can lead to
          "out of memory" kernel panic during SCSI dump. For zfcpdump we do
          not need "memory cgroups". Therefore it is disabled via the zfcpdump
          kernel parameter line.

    - zipl: Fix tape IPL failure
          IPL from tape after prepared by zipl stops with a disabled wait PSW.
          zipl did not provide a reasonable address of an initrd to the loader.

    - lsdasd: Add missing description of option -b to man page

    - lsqeth: Determine sysfs mount point using /proc/mounts

    - lsqeth: Clear print array for every device displayed

    - lsluns: Move lsluns from /sbin to /usr/sbin
          The lsluns tool uses perl that normally is installed under
          "/usr/bin". According to LSB we also have to install the lsluns
          tool to "/usr".

    - iucvterm: Allow non-alphanumeric characters when parsing group names

    - zfcpdump_v2: Use direct-IO for writing dumps
          Using direct-IO for zfcpdump has two major advantages compared
          to normal IO that uses the Linux page cache:
          * On recent Linux kernel versions it is faster on small systems.
          * Because no page cache is used, less memory is consumed.

    Added new tools:
    - 60-readahead.rules: udev rules to set increased "default max readahead"
          The current "default max readahead" defined by the kernel is too
          small for s390. Add udev rule to set a better default value. This
          will increase sequential read performance up to 40%.

    Changes of existing tools:
     - zipl: Improve I/O error recovery during IPL
          Change the boot loader code to handle temporary path errors and link
          flapping during IPL.

          Using the default value has been replaced by calculating the address
          dependent on the image size.

     - lsqeth: Introduce "lay'2" column for "lsqeth -p"
          Add new qeth attribute "isolation".

     - qethconf: Indicate command failure and show message list
          When qethconf detects a bad exit status of its issued echo
          command, an error message is presented to the user.
          In addition possible reasons for command failure can be
          listed with "qethconf list_msg".

     - dumpconf: Prevent re-IPL loop for dump on panic
          A new DELAY_MINUTES keyword is introduced in the dumpconf
          configuration file. The keyword delays the activation of dumpconf to
          prevent potential re-IPL loops.

     - dbginfo: Add new attributes

    Bug Fixes:
     - cpuplugd: Fix file handling in get_cmmpages_size()

     - fdasd, dasdinfo, tunedasd: Fix handling of read-only devices
          A as long as a tool does not require write access do a block device,
          it should open the device in read-only mode. Otherwise opening the
          device may fail, and usability of the tool on read-only devices is
          unnecessarily restricted.

     - fdasd: Fix auto mode behavior
          Fix the misbehavior of fdasd in case the -a or -i option is specified
          and the label block is broken. Previously it asked interactively for
          a new label. Now it exits with an error message.

     - dasdview, fdasd: Fix floating point error for unformatted devices
          When executed on an unformatted device the tools dasdview and fdasd
          will end with an floating point exception error.
          The reason for the error lies in the fact that we cannot rely on the
          HDIO_GETGEO ioctl to report a correct number of cylinders and so we
          compute the number of cylinders from the device size. However,
          for unformatted devices the device size is zero and thus our
          computation ends with a floating point exception.
          To solve this issue read the correct number of cylinders from
          the DASD device characteristics, which can be found in the data
          returned by the BIODASDINFO ioctl.

     - libvtoc: Fix string overflow in vtoc_volume_label_init()
          Originally it tries to copy a 84B string into 4B field and reset also
          the other fields through the overflow. This doesn't work with recent
          GCC versions.

     - mon_statd: Improve init script
          * stop: Do not print error messages if a daemon is not configured.
          * start: Do not load module if no daemon is configured.
          * Remove useless newlines.

     - lscss: Fix uppercase conversion (appeared with -u option)

     - lstape: Help function returns 1, although it was successful
          Changed exit status of "lstape --help" from 1 to 0.

     - znetconf: Index into chpidtype lookup table must be hex
          Network subchannels with CHPID type containing non-decimal digits,
          i.e. a-f, cause lsznet.raw errors. The value of the sysfs attribute
          "type" of a CHPID is hex, but the lookup table index in the bash
          script must be decimal. To solve the problem, we now
          interpret "type" as hex number when used as lookup table index.

     - chreipl: Fix SIGSEGV in "chreipl node"
          When calling "chreipl node /dev/dasdxy" chreipl crashes with SIGSEGV.
          The problem is a missing check in get_ccw_devno_old_sysfs(). Besides
          of that at two places strncpy() was called with the wrong size.

     - chshut: Disable panic action
          The panic action should be configured using the dumpconf service.
          Therefore we disable the possibility to configure it with chshut in
          order to avoid conflicts.

     - lsreipl: Add missing NSS support

     - vmconvert: Ensure null termination of progress bar string
          The progress bar shows control characters at end of line, because
          one variable responsible for the progress bar has not been
          initialized. We now initialize this variable correctly.

     - vmconvert, zfcpdump_v2: Set correct LKCD end marker flag

     - zfcpdump_v2: Ignore failure of modprobe
          It is possible that all modules are built-in the zfcpdump kernel.
          Therefore modprobe of those modules will fail and we must not
          check the return value.

     - ziomon: ziorep_traffic/utilization return 1 when called with -h & -v
          These two tools return 1 when -h or -v are used as arguments. Changed
          the return code in these cases to 0.

     - zipl: zfcp dump partition error
          The info structure was used after it was freed. This leads to wrong
          partition information on the zfcp dump device. Therefore SCSI
          dumps may fail. To fix this, we free the info structure after last

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