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Re: Debian Version for System Z

On Fri, 13 May 2011 16:09:09 -0400 (EDT), Philipp Kern wrote:
> usually repacking IBM's RPMs as debs isn't a problem.  I do that for TSM on
> i386, amd64 and s390 and it works just fine.  (That said, not with alien,
> RPM would work too.)  Most ISV software conforms to LSB and thus they ship
> everything that's not guranteed to be present in the base system.  So as
> long as all this stuff is available in 64bit form we ought to be safe
> if ISVs are compliant.

Well then things have changed since I last messed with this.  I remember
trying to get an SSLSERV server for TCP/IP for z/VM 5.3.0 running.  Back
then the SSLSERV virtual machine needed to run Linux.  IBM supported only
Red Hat and Suse, of course, and they had only rpm packages.  I had a devil
of a time getting it to work.

Also, if you do get it to work (almost) and have problems with it, and
call IBM for support, IBM will tell you that Debian is not a supported
environment and hang up.  And then what good is the support that you're
paying for?

I love Debian for s390, but if I were going to use it I would want to use
it in an all-open-source environment.
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