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Re: Using hercules to emulate s390

[fjp: sorry for the duplicate message]

Jonathan Nieder wrote on 2010-02-15:

> I have been following the instructions at
>  http://www.josefsipek.net/docs/s390-linux/hercules-s390.html
> I started hercules and set up forwarding to the wlan0 interface with
> iptables, also following the instructions from that site.  Then I
> typed "ipl c" and received the result
> HHCCP007I CPU0000 architecture mode set to ESA/390
> HHCCP011I CPU0000: Disabled wait state
>           PSW=000A0000 00000000
> Command ==>
> and the emulator sits there

Tried again with images from
and from

The former reproduced the old problem; the latter works great (it’ll
take a while to finish, but at the end I hope to write an installation

So whatever was wrong appears to have been fixed.  Thanks, FJP.


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