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RFH: maintenance of porter chroots

Hello all,

DSA routinely gets requests to install/remove/etc packages in the various 
porter chroots.  We also maintain the chroots themselves, doing routine 
cleanups, upgrades, reporting bugs in packages that hose chroots, etc.

We're looking for interested porters to take on this work.  We feel you are
better placed to be a point of contact for people having trouble with their
packages on your architecture of choice, and we'd like to give you access 
to work on blockers without having to waste time going through the round 
trip time of requesting things from us.

We'd like a named list of people who will look after each set of 
architecture chroots.  Assuming we get a list for each architecture, we'll
be back in touch to discuss specifics of handover and so on.

(If I've missed any porter lists that would be interested in being
copied on this, apologies and please forward it on)

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