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Re: Remove not-for-us from xneur on s390, please

Hi there.

My package had a problem on s390 in the past (FTBFS). This was detected
and fixed in short time, but someone added not-for-us to xneur. (Bad
decision, I believe.)

I've tried contact s390@buildd.debian.org (with some errors in
subject), but nobody replied yet.

Do somebody have an idea, whom should I ping to solve the problem?

On Sun, 14 Feb 2010 03:50:23 +0300
Alexander GQ Gerasiov <gq@cs.msu.su> wrote:

> xneur package had a problem which made it FTBFS. But it was fixed
> weeks ago. Please remove Not-for-us from it.

Best regards,
 Alexander GQ Gerasiov

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