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Re: Looking for access to an s390 (git-core: [FTBFS] t7400-submodule-basic.sh fails)

> I’m looking for someone who could give access to an s390 or ia64
> to track down a test failure in git-core.

I can't help you with access to an s390 system, but one option could be for 
yourself to use the Hercules s/390 emulator and run your own s390 system. 
Hercules is available as a package in Debian.

The emulator isn't fast and I wouldn't use it for any huge compilations, 
but it should do well enough for working on a test case.

The emulator is very solid. I've been using it to run s390 for the past 5 
years or so.

Some info on getting started can be found here:
- http://www.josefsipek.net/docs/s390-linux/

The main thing is to set up networking correctly. The hercules package 
should have some info on that in /usr/share/doc. Feel free to contact me 
if you get stuck.


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